Condor Raincover 20L - MultiCam

SKU: CDR-US1027-008


The Condor Raincover was designed to keep your backpack and essentials dry. The MultiCam Theta material is IR treated, giving you a low profile in visible light. It is also back coated with fire retardant material that doubles as a sealant, closing the pores in the fabric to make it waterproof. The Raincover is Berry compliant and comes in 20L or 40L sizes.


  • Genuine Crye Precision™ MultiCam®
  • Berry compliant
  • IR Treated
  • Back coated with fire retardent urethane
  • Drawcord cinch
  • Raincover pouch included
  • Made in the USA

Size: Fits up to 30L bags

Color: MultiCam

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