Torrent Reservoir Gen 2

SKU: CDR-221220


The 2nd generation of the Condor Outdoor Torrent Reservoir features a unique slide-top closure for efficient refilling and simplicity of cleaning. It also comes in two sizes, 1.5 liter & 3 liter.  The integrated Quick-Disconnect valve will automatically shut off water flow when the tube is disconnected. This function allows you to conveniently access and remove the reservoir, without the hassle of removing and reinserting the hydration tube. The custom large bite-valve offers fast unrestricted water flow when needed most, with a quick shut-off bite valve when you don't. The Torrent's low-profile design is compatible with all Condor Outdoor hydration packs.


  • Auto Shut off Quick Disconnect Valve
  • Slider to Seal Bladder
  • On/Off Bite Valve Switch
  • Welded seams prevent rupture under pressure
  • Hanger slots for mounting
  • PEVA Film
  • BPA & PVC free
  • Imported

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