TSRS Shotshell Platform

SKU: CDR-US1023-002


The Shotgun Reload System (TSRS) allows an operator to carry more ammo than other shotgun shell extension systems. The Tactical Shotgun Reload Platform features a detachable 6-round magazine strip that is the same size as the standard 30-round A.R. magazines, allowing an operator to carry the strips on their tactical vest to increase their ammo capacity. In conjunction with the Reload Platform, The Tactical Shotgun Reload Buttcuff platform allows the operator to mount the buttcuff to most shotgun stocks and making reloads quicker at the operators reach. The shotshell strip is part of the system designed to attach to the buttcuff or modular platform for quicker reloading of your firearm. The TSRS also allows an operator to use the same mag pouches designed for A.R mags and insert additional 6-round magazine strips.


  • Carries 6 shotgun shells
  • Detachable magazine strip with Velcro® Hook backing
  • Modular platform with Velcro® Loop frontside
  • Requires two 6” Mod straps (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Made in USA

Dimensions: 6.5"H x 3.5"W

Color: Black

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