Wiley X

Wiley X is a distinguished eyewear manufacturer recognized for producing high-performance protective eyewear and tactical goggles. Founded in 1987, Wiley X has garnered a strong reputation in the military, law enforcement, and outdoor sports communities, offering a wide range of protective eyewear solutions for various applications.

Wiley X Safety Glasses

One of Wiley X's hallmark achievements is their commitment to safety and protection. Their eyewear products meet or exceed stringent safety standards, making them ideal for activities where eye protection is paramount. Wiley X glasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified, which means they provide superior impact resistance, safeguarding against projectiles, debris, and other hazards. Wiley X is also known for its versatility. Their eyewear offerings include a wide selection of styles, from sleek and stylish sunglasses suitable for everyday wear to tactical goggles designed for extreme conditions. This diversity in design ensures that customers can find the perfect eyewear solution for their specific needs.

In addition to their protective features, Wiley X eyewear offers superior optical clarity. Many of their lenses are made from shatterproof materials and provide 100% UV protection. Furthermore, the brand offers various lens options, including polarized, photochromic, and interchangeable lenses, catering to different lighting conditions and activities. Wiley X's commitment to durability is evident in their frames, which are often constructed from robust materials such as TR-90 nylon. This ensures that their eyewear can withstand rugged use and extended wear in challenging environments. Many Wiley X products also feature innovative designs like the patented Facial Cavity Seal, which helps to keep out wind, dust, and debris, making them ideal for motorcycle riding, shooting sports, and other outdoor activities.

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