RS Cummerbund Retro Kit

SKU: CDR-221239-001

Color: Olive Drab

The Condor RS cummerbund retro kit upgrades your current plate carrier with Condor's highly sought after rapid release system. Seamlessly integrates with wide variety of plate carriers that utilize hook and loop flap system at the front.  The Retro Kit also features soft armor pockets that are compatible with the Condor VAS side plate inserts (sold separately).


  • Rapid Open Connectors
  • Shock-cord and cord lock included
  • Cummerbund accommodates soft armor side panels
  • Compatible with VAS side plate inserts (sold separately)
  • Loop panel on interior of cummerbund for hook and loop attachments


  • Cummerbund size: 34"- 42" (around navel)
  • Soft armor capacity: Accommodates up to 6”"x12”"

Customer Reviews

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Not a bad buy

I have been wanting a quick release cumberbund so i made this purchase to replace my existing cumberbund on my condor mopc carrier. I synched the shock cord all the way down however i have a little more room in my sides more on one than the other than with the standard cumberbund i also have the one velcro flap as far forward essentially making that sides quick detatch unusable which is ok i only open one side however the side i do use is not as easy to re attach while wearing with full plates. The original cumberbund definitely allows for a snugger fit and tighter adjustment but i am going to purchase side pouches and plates and see if it alleviates some of the looseness

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