Triple Stacker Open-Top M4 Mag Pouch - Scorpion OCP

SKU: CDR-MA44-800

Color: Scorpion OCP

Scorpion OCP Mag Pouch - Triple Stacker

The Condor Triple Mag Pouch Stacker, featuring the Scorpion OCP Mag Pouch design, is a versatile and efficient solution for carrying AR/M4 magazines. Utilizing a simple yet effective open-top design with bungee cords, it securely holds the magazines in place. With three individual compartments and adjustable hook and loop flaps, it provides a secure fit for various magazine sizes. The stacker design allows for efficient use of space on your tactical gear. MOLLE compatibility ensures seamless integration into different setups, offering flexibility in configuration. This pouch, made from genuine Scorpion OCP, is specifically designed for AR/M4 magazines and can fit up to six of them.

Scorpion OCP Mag Pouch - Triple Stacker Features:

  • Genuine Scorpion OCP

  • AR/M4 mag compatible

  • MOLLE compatible

  • Fits 6x AR/M4 mags 

  • Imported

Dimensions: 5.75"H x 9"W x 2"D

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