VAS Kangaroo Mag Panel Gen 2 - Scorpion OCP Placard

SKU: CDR-221270-800


 Scorpion OCP Placard

The VAS Kangaroo Mag Panel, featuring the Scorpion OCP Placard design, is a versatile and functional accessory for your tactical gear. Made from genuine Scorpion OCP, it is designed to seamlessly integrate into the VANQUISH ARMOR SYSTEM (VAS) using male buckle ends for secure attachment. The panel comes with a hook backing for easy customization and placement on compatible surfaces. This mag panel is equipped to carry a variety of magazines, accommodating three AR/M4 magazines and three pistol magazines. The M4 mag compatibility includes an adjustable flap for a secure fit, while the pistol mag slots offer versatility in storage.

 Scorpion OCP Placard Features:

  • Genuine Scorpion OCP
  • M4 mag compatible
  • Pistol mag compatible with adjustable flap
  • Male Buckle ends for attaching to the VANQUISH ARMOR SYSTEM
  • Hook backing
  • Imported

Mag Capacity

  • Three AR/M4 mag
  • Three pistol mags

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