NU05 USB Rechargeable LED Light



Stay safe at night with the Nitecore NU05 LED light This safety and emergency light features 2x red and 2x white LEDs making it a perfect match for bicycling, walking, running, pets, children, backpacking and more. Using the single button interface, users can select from five different outputs including:

  • Steady white (35 lumens) - Ideal for emergency backup light
  • Red - slow blinking (4 lumens) - Ideal for hiking, trail leading
  • Red - fast blinking (4 lumens) - Ideal for running and location warning
  • White - slow blinking (35 lumens) - Ideal for location signaling
  • Red power indicator - slow blinking - Ideal for locating the NU05 in a bag or signaling

A built-in lithium ion battery keeps the NU05 running for up to 20 hours at a time. To charge, plug the unit into any available USB power source such as adapters, laptops and power banks. The NU05 easily attaches to pet collars, wrist straps, backpacks and so much more. And at an ultra compact 0.37 ounces, the NU05 can tag along on any adventure without taking up precious bag space.

Note: This is the simple NU05 edition and does not include any accessories.


  • Utilizes 4 high performance LEDs
  • Dual white and red light sources
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with max runtime up to 20 hours
  • Built-in intelligent Li-ion charging circuit for Micro-USB charging
  • Simple one switch control for one-handed operation
  • 4 special modes selectable
  • Built-in power indicator to indicate remaining power level (Patent NO.: ZL201220057767.4)
  • Constructed from durable and sturdy PC material
  • Ultra-lightweight design for extreme portability
  • 1.5 meters impact resistance


    • LED: Four High-Performance LEDs (2x White & 2x Red)
    • Battery Supported: Built-in 3.7V - 120mAh Li-ion Battery
    • Modes: 4 ─ White Light Illumination, White slow blink, Red quick blink, Red slow blink
    • Brightness Outputs:
      • Red Slow Blink: 4 Lumens / 9 hours
      • Red Quick Blink: 4 Lumens / 9 hours
      • White Slow Blink: 35 Lumens / 2 hours 15 minutes
      • White Light Illumination: 35 Lumens / 2 hours 15 minutes
    • IP Rating: IP-66 Water-resistant
    • Impact Resistance: 1.5m

      Dimensions: 29.5mm (1.16") H x 30.3mm (1.19") W x 16.3mm (0.64") L

      Weight: 10.4g (0.37oz)

      Operation Notes:
      Operating the NU05 is done via the single-button user interface. Press the button once to turn the NU05. By default, the NU05 will be in red indicator mode. Pressing the button again within 3 seconds will cycle through red light (slow) - red light (fast) - white light (slow) - white light (steady). After three seconds of inoperation, pressing the power button again will put the NU05 in standby.

      Lockout Mode:
      To prevent accidental activation, the NU05 has a lockout mode. Press and hold the power button for 1 second and the red indicator light will blink once to indicate lockout mode. To exit lockout mode, press and hold the button for three seconds until the red indicator light begins flashing.

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